Managing Time For Yourself

One of the hardest things you face as a junior software developer is managing time. You constantly find yourself on a “quick” google hangout, a “simply” feature request, or a bug fix. Up until now, you haven’t said no to a “can you help me figure this out” request. You finally said no, because you have shit to do!

Don’t get me wrong, you probably believe helping each other is vital to your teams success. It’s important that you spend time knowledge sharing, and moving past roadblocks. It’s important to pair with senior developers. It’s a faster way to learn the codebase, as well as, better practices.

However, you can’t say yes to everything. You have deadlines you promised to meet. This requires time and effort so that you can write code that has test coverage. This means you need to focus on your work and get it done. You’re not helping anyone if you can’t hit your deadlines yourself.


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