Free Private Git Repositories

As a software developer, I decided it’s time to upgrade my swag and purchase private repos so that I can keep my entrepreneurial / side projects in the down-low. I went ahead and purchased the micro plan. If I ever need more than 5 repos, I would always upgrade and pay the difference. No hassle.

I’ll say it out right I love Github. Every since I got indoctrinated into the programming community I have been using GitHub. It was free, and easy to use. Everyone seemed to use it. I haven’t looked back, until now.

After purchasing my first private repo and feeling good about being a real developer, my mind went crazy and started wondering if there is a world outside of GitHub and what my other choices could have been.

There are options!

List of Free Private Repositories (in no particular order)

If I had to start over, I think I will go with gitlab. It’s open-sourced, seems well maintained, and it provides much more space than the other free hosts. Many of the free git repositories limit your file size between 0.5 to 2 gb.

The beauty of git is that as long as these services use git and not mercury, I can always switch over. It’s Git all around. You might have to learn new commands to push code up to the repository, but in the end it does the same thing.

Long Live Git.


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