How To Have Effectively Code Reviews

Code reviews can be a daunting challenge for developers. It’s hard to know what to look for in a given pull request (PR). I want to share some tips that I have learned from other LivingSocial engineers.

Questions you should be asking about the PR

  1. Do you understand what the PR does?
    • Does it have a clear commit message?
  2. Do you understand how the code accomplishes the goal?
  3. Is the new code tested? 
    • If it’s a big new feature, is it covering edge cases?
  4. Does the code use obscure syntax, how could it be more clear or less obscure? 

Must Do

  1. Does the entire test suite code pass?
    • Run the full test suite, and not only the one controller that changes
  2. Pull down and rebase so that your newest commit is on top
    • This way if you need to rollback your commit, you don’t have to shift through multiple commits to get to yours
  3. Worst case scenario back up plan
    • If all goes to shits, what are the steps the merger should take to undo this shenanigans
  4. Don’t dilly dally when you see a PR. Be as responsive as you can in order to have an effective feedback loop. 

This is a good start for effective code reviews and merging pull requests. These steps have helped us find bugs, code smells, and fast cycles for a better engineering experience. 

If your team has other methods for effective code reviews, please share down below.



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