Track Your Great Ideas By Writing It Down

I challenge you to write down your ideas.

There are inspiration for great ideas in all aspects of our lives. The light bulb can turn on at any moment. This means it could happen on our way to work, talking with co-worker, or even during a heated argument. The biggest hurdle for many of us is our memory.

When the “ah ha” moment comes, we sadly forget it through out our busy days. The idea is lost. This sucks. I personally hate the feeling of not remembering that good idea, and I always regret not writing it down.
I want to challenge you to start writing down your ideas. It could on a notebook, memo, excel sheet, Evernote, or anything that you’re comfortable with. I’m not saying you have to take out a pen and paper in the middle of an argument and write it down. As long jot down your idea while it’s fresh in your mind.
The benefit of jotting it down is that you can now afford to forget it for a day, month, or a year. You can always go back to your list and read what you thought of 183 days ago. This provides an abundance of ideas, you believe have potential, when you are ready to start your business. 
I’ll share my list next month and see how many I have come up with.
Good luck!

I want to give credit to www.theartofthedeal.net  for the image


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