2016 – Projects I’ve Worked On

I wanted to keep track of what I’ve worked on for the year. This will be updated continuously as new projects emerge.

  1. SeatGeek gem (https://github.com/jmoon90/seat_geek)
    • I’ve built this because I didn’t feel like the other gems were up to date. Many haven’t been updated since 1 or 2 years ago. 
    • Those older gems didn’t have specific SeatGeek API features I was interested in using.
      • group different type of events (sports vs concerts vs theatre) and return objects
  2. Save A Hour (http://saveahour.com/)
    • Problem: After booking a flight, travelers spend hours looking up different things to do through Yelp, sporting venues, concert venues, blog posts, etc.
    • Solution: Allow travelers to find all the info they want on one website and save them to an schedule. 
  3. Golden Coast Company (http://www.goldencoastcompany.com/) 
    • Problem: Need to sell pomade hair product to users. They need to add a shipping address and ability to make a payment. 
    • Tools: RoR, Bootstrap, Devise, Stripe
    • What I could do better: I probably didn’t need to create the address and the join address_book for Users. I later found out that Stripe allows you to capture addresses through their widget. Unless I pre-populate the Stripe form with the address the user inputed. I need to think deeply, on how the feature will help users use the product before building them out. 
This page will be continuously updated as I work on new things. If there is a specific update you wish, please let me know and I will try to update with more info.

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