Thoughts After Being Laid Off

First off, as much as layoffs sucks, it was the right move for the company. According to friends still employed there, the company is doing much better. No hard feelings.

But, the aftereffects of being laid off sucks. It’s awkward, disappointing, rejected and the works right. Also the thought of “how do I explain this to my next employer…”

It hit me that I was a disposable employee. I was powerless.

I knew leading up to the layoffs, I was relaxed. We recently launched a big initiative, where I worked around the clock and I was burnt out. I felt like I didn’t have much more to give. At this point I know that there are other employees who will and can work harder and faster to deliver what it needs.

Although, I accept the hand that was dealt to me. I promise myself that I will never put myself in this position again. I’m going to work hard and rise the corporate ladder where they need me. Not the other way around.



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