Maturing As a Software Engineer

I’ve began reading the Design Patterns In Ruby book and I feel my thought process has changed over these past 3 years. And I believe I’m going through my young adulthood in programming.

I’ve learned so much as a new developer. I’ve got my first internship out of a coding bootcamp. My first junior and mid-level roles with different expectations.

As an intern was to get things done! The project manager would give me a task, and I was expected to make it work at any cost. This meant design, coding style, loading speed all went out the window. I didn’t care if it took 1 or 10  seconds to load! I just wanted to make it work.

As an junior it was to focus my learning on small things! Started thinking about good implementation. Think through ways to cache and make things faster. But still no real skills or understanding of design patterns to really make it work.

As an mid-level engineer I wanted to take ownership of projects. Building things from scratch and expressing my own design knowledge. This experience has shown me ways to write better software for maintainability and scalability. I’ve also noticed that I’ve used patterns unknowingly in my own side projects. This was the moment that I’ve realized I’ve came a long way. I picked up different habits and formed my own opinion on what is good from programmers around me.

I know road to mastery is far and full of twists and turns, I’m excited to see what else I would learn from book and those around me.

Books that I’ve really enjoyed reading this year
Confident Ruby – It’s worth the price!
– Design Pattern – Just started but this has been opening my eyes to the patterns I’ve used unknowingly


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