My name is John Moon and I’m a growth minded entrepreneur. I’m a full-time ruby on rails programmer at Cofense. I burn the midnight oil working on a marketing funnel SaaS product called Direct Mail Prospects, and I’ve also dived into flipping and land lording.

I’ve had a traumatic event happen to my family but luckily I have a great boss, who allowed me to take the time to care for my family. But who knows what would happen if I had a manager who didn’t understand…

My goal is to achieve FIRE!  Financial Independence Retire Early. What pushes me is the freedom to take care of myself and the people I love. This allows me to not worry about my job or next paycheck to pay the bills when problems arise.

My 5-year plan is to achieve FIRE through different assets. The breakdown would look something like this. Real Estate (50%), Savings such as HSA, 401k, Roth (30%) , and a SaaS product business (20%). 

My 1 year plan is to give it my all to the SaaS product. I think there is a great potential for it as I needed this for my own Real Estate business.

Through this journey, I hope to share what I’m trying, what I’m thinking, and the challenges I’m facing.

Let’s grow together!

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